Top 5 fitness gadgets for health junkies

In the modern day where stress takes a toll on self, people are more cautious and are rooting for fitness gadgets for early detection and staying under control. Fitness gadgets help you to be more fit and

Native apps vs. Mobile browser games

Mobile casino gaming has become an increasingly popular pastime in the last few years. The first mobile casino games were applications written in Java, and due to the limitations of the platform and those of the hardware

Enjoy Android Casino Games

888casino recently released an upgraded Android casino app. This ground-breaking innovation makes it possible for Android users to enjoy a wide variety of quality mobile casino games. As the leader in online casino entertainment, 888casino offers dynamic

Top 5 alternatives to Flappy Bird

The mobile game- Flappy Bird, soon disappeared after its competitors launched the games that were far better than this. Though ‘Flappy Bird’ was a popular game few time back, but its rivals faded away its popularity and

Top 3 Best Puzzle Games for Android

The main selling point of Android powered Smartphones is that the Android platform is rich. Rich in terms of customizations, user-friendliness and apps. The Google Play Store contains a lot of applications, over a million to be